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What our patients say

  • Chris V.

    Dr. Drysdale was great and the staff are super nice and very professional. Thank you!

    Chris V., West Coast Urgent Care, Santa Monica

  • Bernadette D.

    With 3 visits under our belt, I can say WCUC has successfully treated 3 of my family members - myself included!


    Each visit has been easy, no fuss, best of all no wait & very clean!
    As a healthcare professional and mom of 2 small kids, that stuff really worries me - mainly one of the reasons why I would forego a visit to the hospital's emergency dept. and opt for a WCUC visit anytime it is possible!
    In and out in less than an hour is unheard of in the healthcare world - but it DOES exist here!


    This last visit was the best - hubby had a skateboard incident - needed x-rays. Done! Right here on the spot! No need to travel to another location, etc... even the added bonus flu shot. His x-ray was clear & flu season ready - all within less than an hour!


    All my area locals, I highly recommend this place!
    It's Open after hours and on weekends!

    Bernadette D., West Coast Urgent Care, Santa Monica

  • Johanna E.

    I came in on a weekday afternoon after one of my cats scratched me-since it was on my cheek, I didn't want to take any chances. The staff was friendly and there was basically no wait time. With my insurance (Blue Cross PPO), there was only a co-pay of $50. Anna was very professional and knowledgeable. She gave me a prescription for anti-biotics and a tetanus shot. By the time I got to Rite Aid the prescription had been filled which was very convenient. The whole thing took maybe half an hour tops. I would definitely go back if I ever need urgent care in the future.

    Johanna E., West Coast Urgent Care, Pasadena

  • Sing Y.

    An unexpected accident occurred on Mother's Day!! :( my grandma cut her thumb open! We were scrambling to find an urgent care that would have no wait, great service, and knowledgable doctors. This place, West Coast Urgent Care, has all 3 things and more! The owner & doctor cams to the waiting room to talk to us about my grandmas condition.

    Sing Y., West Coast Urgent Care, Pasadena

  • Lynn G.

    This place is amazing! I went in at 8:30 on a week night and was out by 9pm!! AND there is actually a doctor on site! Most urgent care clinics just have a nurse practitioner on site. My doctor was very knowledgeable. He diagnosed the problem, wrote some prescriptions. I felt better the next day! I'm hope I don't get sick any time soon but if I do, this is where I'm going!

    Lynn G., West Coast Urgent Care, Pasadena